Description of the tent

This is a modern version of the traditional Indian tepee tent. Just like the original tepee, our modern design is stable, beautiful and incredibly practical.

Tent with open hips

Construction of tent

  • We have the opportunity to open the hips at the tent and gain open and airy space.
  • By combining several tents you can create space according to your ideas.
  • Create space for tables and dance floor, presentation, celebration.
  • The tent can be heated by open fire or stove, so your guests can be warm in cold evenings.
  • The tent can be assembled to two hours in 2-3 people.

Tent capacity

With the sides down, the tent looks like a traditional teepe and can seat up to 70 people.

Upon opening the tent, the capacity extends to 128 comfortable seating.


Tent 1 pcClosedOpened
The weight of the canvas82 Kg82 Kg
Number of seats at the table72 x128 x
Covered area83 m2132 m2
Average10,3 m13 m
Maximum length of rods8,25 m8,25 m



As a result of the use of revolutionary polyvalent materiál, the canvas is non-flammable. Our material has excellent  traction properties and anti-tearing properties.

Metal fasteners

The steel metal fasteners of the tent are zinc-coated to ensure that the metal does not rust over time.


The main longest 8.20 m long rods are made of pine needles, hand-peeled and bark-free. The rods are straight, light and strong and painted with varnish. The other wooden rods are made of milled round logs.

For the transport of such long rods, it is necessary to use the services of a specialized carrier, OR ...

... for this reason, we also offer the option of replacing the longest rods in the frame by split-milled rods, reducing their length by half (4.10 m).  The transport length of the complete set of rods is therefore reduced to 5 m, which is no problem to transfer to a conventional low-loader under a passenger car.