Use of the tent

Do you want to organize a unique birthday party, summer gardening event, corporate or Christmas party or just any space to celebrate in style?

Our tents are directly created!


One of the most important days of your life ... Create your charming day in the tent to help you create an atmosphere that you and your guests will never forget.


You can create space and roof for any action, whether it's a festival, a kids' day, a sporting event ... just really any outdoor event.

Corporate events

Create a deep and long-lasting impression on your clients, business partners or your employees. We guarantee that your parties and celebrations will be told for a long time.

Year round camping

The tent can also be used as a classic tent for whole year. In the tent can be opened open fire and can be warmed

The tent is perfectly customized for smoke removal and ventilation.  This is secured by a self-closing hood on top of the tent. Manipulation an opening is possible  from the ground using a rope.

The advantage over conventional tepee is that the tent is completely closed by hood of the top during the rain. And for insulating, there is no need for inner sails (the so-called lining).

Layout of tents during the event

Option 1

Use 1 pc tent

Seating for tables for 72 guests.
Alternatively, use the dance floor.

Option 2

Use 2 pc tents

Seating for tables for 152 guests with dance floor.

Option 3

Use three and more pc tents