Something about us

We are manufacturers of tents and in the production of tents we belong to the best manufacturers with many years of experience.

We produce our tents, also constantly innovate, build and use.

Our tents must be as good as possible on the practical side.

We try to apply our konwledge and expirience  in manufacturing by improving our standards, which divides us from classical manufactures that are quickly emerging and just as quickly disappearing.

Each of our tents becomes our pride and joy of doing good work. For the recognition and praise of satisfied customers, we still do not feel that our efforts and work make a sense.

What we do, we love, but…

Our sales and production are unfortunately constantly burdened by orders. That is why we accept orders for the so-called waiting list, which is unfortunately in the summer months so busy that the potential customer must wait for the late one or more months after the agreement.

So dont hesitate to order !!!

I´m interested in the tent